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what is MHM?

Since the age of seven Mia has always found a way to make money.

In elementary school she sold hoagie subs and school supplies to her classmates.

In middle school, Mia stuffed envelopes at her Grandmother's job after school to purchase her first computer. 


She taught herself three progamming languages, Basic Pascal and SQL.

In high school, Mia was an honor student and cheerleader, working after school as a data entry operator and quickly promoted to a database programmer, after her Boss realized she knew programming.


Mia graduated from the Central High School of Philadelphia with a scholarship to the University of Maryland College Park.

After college, Mia was a programmer for a few years at CIGNA Insurance but still enjoyed helping friends and family start and grow their businesses.

Several corporate jobs and businesses later, she incorporated Mia Hall Consulting. MHC did well until the pandemic. Denied PPA and small business assistance on the local, state and feceral level, MHC closed for business. 

But Mia didn't give up, a Database Analyst opportunity arose at the University of Miami. Mia saw that as an opportunity to relocate, get a fresh start and rebrand her company. 

Renaming Mia Hall Consulting Inc to Mia Hall Mgmt, and branding the company as MHM with a new trademark logo and business model.

MHM provides motivation, inspiration, information and advice to black and brown business owners and entrepreneurs.

Today, Mia Hall is the President and CEO of MHM, an award-winning entrepreneur and motivational speaker. 

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